Málaga CF: the problem was not the coach

There is an unwritten law in sports that states that when things go wrong in a team, the first sacrificed must be the coach. The “head” of the coach should serve as a balm to cause a 180 degree change in the players. Sometimes it can work. However, at Málaga CF, it’s not that it hasn’t had an effect, it’s that the blue and white team has beaten two coaches and the third one is hardly showing results. So, in this desperate attempt to find answers, it can be said that, after all, “it’s not the coach’s fault”

There are three coaches who have passed through Málaga CF this season: Pablo Guede, Pepper Mel y Sergio Pellicer. Three profiles each more different. They will have had their successes and their mistakes, but they do not seem to be the culprits

Pablo Guede

The blue and white entity bet on the Argentine for the 22/23 season after he saved the team last season -more through the demerit of others than through his own merit-. Along with Manolo Gaspar, he was the absolute architect of the current squad. Because of what he could do and undo according to his football preferences in an absolute handover of powers by the technical secretariat. He only directed six games and the 3 points added out of 18 possible ended his experience in charge of those from Martiricos. A perfect example of the failure of football without wingers. What’s more, his is the last victory for Málaga CF away from La Rosaleda: Mirandés (1-3).

Pepper Mel

He arrived in the month of September with the aim of giving a new life to a team that was already sunk in relegation on matchday 7. He inherited a squad that was not to his liking and also a summer preparation that showed that the preseason had been a disaster. He could only “incorporate” fluvialwho has ended up being one of the club’s great failures.

could barely add 18 of 54 points (6 in the first 6 days), but it would be unfair to ignore that With the man from Madrid, Málaga CF was seen to be more competitive and with the best football. He tried to contribute another style and ended up leaving – to his own surprise – when the reinforcements that he had precisely requested arrived.

Sergio Pellicer

The hero’s desperate attempt. He was free and had already saved the entity from the abyss on a previous occasion. She received as a “gift” Julian Delmas, Arvin Appiah y Lago Junior. With greater or lesser success, he has been able to enjoy three new players. However, the results are far from what was initially expected: 4 points in the first 6 days.

A coach different from anything that had happened here before. With more defensive than offensive capacity and with more courage on the field than technical quality. Although the squad does not respond to the football with which he has always preached.

90% of the players have been the same with the three coaches. 90%. There was no revolution on the pitch, but there was on the bench with three radically different profiles without any effect. If three coaches don’t work, it is necessary to look further and it has already become clear that the names neither rise nor save the category. There never was a team, Málaga CF had footballers and they, who are the ones who have to end up showing their faces on the field, are the ones who are going to descend, except by a miracle, to a history of Spanish football.



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