Makoto Hasebe and the Japan Connection

Popular with the fans: Makoto Hasebe
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Role model, ambassador, door opener: Makoto Hasebe is not only valuable for Frankfurt Eintracht as a professional footballer. Especially in his home country.

WLess Asia, more Wetterau, spokesman Axel Hellmann propagated a year and a half ago when he presented the “Unity in the region” campaign. Under the impression of increasing isolation from the fans during the pandemic, a series of friendly games was intended to bring the supporters in Hessen closer to each other. The “less Asia” never applied to the connection to Japan. Forgoing Makoto Hasebe’s impact on the Japanese market would just be bad for business. And since Corona has largely been overcome, the connections have been intensified – with Hasebe as the first liaison officer.

Hasebe traveled to his home country for the second time in half a year. In November as figurehead of the Bundesliga team, who came for two friendly games and a sightseeing tour. These days, the 39-year-old model professional came as a member of a smaller group led by sports director Markus Krösche. “It means a lot to me that Eintracht made this journey with me. It’s a great sign that we also want to make a difference together in Japan. We already said in our tour in November 2022 that we have to keep coming back to make it sustainable. This commitment is very important to the Japanese.”


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