Maignan criticizes new penalties rules: «They have to have their backs turned»

Milan goalkeeper Mike Maignan used irony to criticize the latest measures by the International Football Association Board (IFAB), including one related to penalties, which will come into force next season.

The IFAB wants a change in the behavior of goalkeepers at the time of the penalty, namely that they do not have attitudes that could distract or be disrespectful to the opponent, following Emiliano Martínez’s performances in the World Cup.

«The goalkeeper must remain on the goal line, facing the person taking the penalty, between the posts, without touching the posts, the crossbar or the goal net, until the ball has been kicked. The goalkeeper must not behave in such a way as to unfairly and deliberately distract the opponent, for example: delaying the execution of the penalty kick or touching the posts, the crossbar or the goal net», refers to the association.

Now, on social networks, Maignan, the new number one of the French national team and who even saved a penalty from Memphis Depay in the duel with the Netherlands, this Friday, left criticism of these changes.

«New IFAB rules for penalties in 2026: goalkeepers have to have their backs to the shot. If the penalty is saved, it is an indirect free kick», he joked.



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