Ljubicic: “If we look at the impact on tennis, neither Nadal nor Djokovic can compete with Federer”

Juicy statements that he has left Ivan Ljubicic in a recent interview with new tv, where for the umpteenth occasion they asked him again about the GOAT debate. The Croatian, as the last coach in the career of Roger FedererHe has never hidden who is the greatest in history according to his parameters, only this time he tried to explain it with a couple of concepts.

“I don’t think this debate should be measured solely by the number of Grand Slams. Roger is not the most successful in that area, does that mean he is not the greatest? Greatness and success are different concepts. If they weren’t, So it’s clear that it wouldn’t be, but if we look at the impact they’ve had within the sport, I don’t think Nadal or Djokovic can compete with Federer, not in that aspect,” the 44-year-old said.


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