Lizy Tagliani revealed the luxurious destination where she will spend her honeymoon

Lizy Tagliani said yes with Sebastian Nebot surrounded by her affections a few hours ago. After experiencing an exciting moment, the artist from teleph confessed that he is very excited about the prospect of the party that will take place and also revealed the luxurious destination where he plans to spend his honeymoon.

In a note with the Georgina Barbarossa cycle, Lizy Tagliani He confessed: “For me it was very important to marry as Lizy, the judge called me by the name that I chose to perceive myself and it is something very important. Since I can’t stand talking, I want to say that I am very proud and very happy with the step we have just taken»

«I am very happy, now the party is coming, the part that I am waiting for the most. The other thing is very important too, I never thought that a procedure would excite me so much, “explained the comedian later. In addition, she did not skimp on giving many compliments to her new husband.

“That Sebastián is a very important man in my life and that life is built on opportunities. Without opportunities we can achieve absolutely nothing, and I am a result of many small opportunities from wonderful people who have come across me throughout my life, ”commented the famous girl, showing gratitude.

Finally, Tagliani said that he will enjoy the beaches of Mexico as part of the celebration of his union with Sebastián Nebot. “We plan to go on our honeymoon vacation to Cancun. It is a trip that we have planned with Verónica Salas and her husband Sebastián Spavento ”, said the Telefe host to end the topic live.


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