LIVE: Will PSG still get rid of a 0-1 deficit at Bayern Munich? | UEFA Champions League 2022/2023

Top teams Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain face each other again in the Champions League. The Germans defend a 1-0 lead in the 1/8th finals. Can PSG turn the tide? Follow the topper live tonight.

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  1. first half, minute 36. Replacement at Paris Saint-Germain, Nordi Mukiele in, Marquinhos out
  2. Donnarumma good flat. Musiala is now doing very well. The German top talent quickly turns away from Pereira and kicks hard on goal, but Donnarumma goes flat. This was Bayern’s first chance, can it push through now? . first half, minute 32.
  3. first half, minute 30.
  4. first half, minute 30. While Nagelsmann continues to gesticulate pressure along the sideline, his team continues to look for the openings. However, there is too much garbage in the German game. Musiala emphasizes that with a disastrous pass. .
  5. first half, minute 25. Almost Messi! Mendes takes advantage of an oversight at Bayern and speeds away. In front of goal he finds Messi’s left, who sees his shot still blocked by Davies in the extremis. Also in the scrimmage that follows, Messi cannot aim the ball between the posts. This could have been the opening goal. .
  6. first half, minute 23. Messi surrounded. Leo Messi is struggling for the time being in the opening phase of the match. Not inconceivable, if you see the triple belt that Bayern puts around the Argentinian. This time it is Goretzka who stops the Flea. .
  7. first half, minute 20.
  8. first half, minute 19. Mbappé remains a scourge for the German defense. The Frenchman seems to have tipped the ball too far ahead of him, but still keeps it within the lines to fit it into the side netting. .
  9. first half, minute 16. Schotje Goretzka. PSG defends compactly, which makes combining difficult for Bayern. Goretzka then tries from afar, but Donnarumma is not surprised. .
  10. first half, minute 14. When Mbappé rushes away, all alarm bells go off at Bayern. Fortunately for the home team, Sommer is out of his cage in time. Mbappé still bumps into the Swiss goalie, who has to release the ball and sees Mbappé tap into the leather. But referee Orsato logically intervenes. .
  11. first half, minute 11. PSG is the most dangerous team for the time being, although it remains to wait for the first clear goal chance. Mbappé hands in via Messi to Hakimi, who can swing the ball in front of goal. However, Moroccan’s cross blows past everyone. .
  12. first half, minute 7. PSG combines smoothly in Bayern’s half, but Messi’s last pass is not precise enough. There is a lot of pace in the opening phase of this match. .
  13. first half, minute 6.
  14. first half, minute 4. Davies vs. Hakimi, that’s like Usain Bolt vs. Tyson Gay. It is Davies who wins a first showdown, but the Canadian cannot complete his handsome acceleration with a good cross. .
  15. first half, minute 2. First time Mbappé. Mbappé takes advantage of the space in Stanisic’s back and rushes towards Sommer. However, the French express train swerves a little too far out and ends in Sommer’s arms from a sharp angle. .
  16. first half, minute 1. We’re off! The ball is rolling in Munich! We’re getting ready for 90 minutes – or will it be more than 120? – football spectacle. .
  17. first half, minute 1.
  18. first half, minute 1 match started
  19. advance, 20:57. There are the gladiators. The Allianz Arena is packed to the brim for this clash between two absolute superpowers. The Champions League hymn goes, we’ll get to it in a minute. .


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