LIVE: Trossard has to make way for Mangala at the Red Devils, Germany with cult striker Füllkrug | Friendly 2023

After the victory in Sweden (0-3), the Red Devils will play a friendly match tonight in and against Germany, the home of the new national coach Domenico Tedesco. Follow the match live with text or in Sporza on Radio 1 with Peter Vandenbempt and Eddy Snelders.

  1. in advance, 7:50 pm. Germany with new goal getter Füllkrug. Germany’s line-up: Ter Stegen, Wolf, Ginter, Kehrer, Raum, Kimmich, Goretzka, Gnabry, Wirtz, Füllkrug, Werner The player to watch goes by the name of Niclas Füllkrug. The 30-year-old Werder Bremen striker has not missed his (late) entrance to the national team. He scored 5 goals in 5 matches. Furthermore, there are only 3 Bayern players in the base: Gnabry, Goretzka and captain Kimmich. Last weekend, Kimmich was the only one who started against Peru (2-0). Gnabry replaces the sick Havertz, Goretzka takes Can’s place. Kehrer… will also return to the team. The West Ham defender catches the injury of Dortmund player Schlotterbeck. .
  2. in advance, 7:49 pm.
  3. The turf is fine. in advance, 7:42 pm.
  4. in advance, 7:40 pm. Mangala played in Tedesco’s town. Domenico Tedesco’s choice of Orel Mangala is no surprise. He already made the switch on Friday in Sweden. On the hour Mangala came in ahead of Leandro Trossard. Orel Mangala is a 25-year-old midfielder from Brussels who received his training at Anderlecht. Mangala has been playing for Nottingham Forest in England since this season. In recent years he has been working in Stuttgart, the city of national coach Tedesco. .
  5. in advance, 7:35 pm.
  6. in advance, 7:32 PM. Kevin De Bruyne on the 10. With Mangala, Tedesco opts for an extra midfielder in the team. Due to his arrival in the team, De Bruyne moves up one place. The captain of the national team will play tonight at the 10. .
  7. in advance, 7.30 pm. Setup: Mangala instead of Trossard. The team of the Belgians for tonight: Casteels, Castagne, Faes, Vertonghen, Theate, Onana, Mangala, De Bruyne, Lukebakio, Carrasco, Lukaku 2 changes compared to the line-up in Sweden: – Mangala replaces Trossard – Casteels replaces the injured Courtois in goal .
  8. in advance, 7 pm 10. setups in half an hour. The official lineups for the international match will roll in in about half an hour. Which team will the Red Devils start with? Last week’s line-up in and against Sweden (0-3): Courtois, Castagne, Faes, Vertonghen, Theate, Onana, De Bruyne, Lukebakio, Carrasco, Trossard, Lukaku. Thibaut Courtois (injured) is the only one of the 11 who cannot take action. Koen Casteels takes his place under the bar. .
  9. in advance, 17:55. Technical director Rudi Völler misses the international match. Former German international Rudi Völler (62) cannot be there tonight in Cologne. The technical director recently had to deal with kidney stones and has to rest from the doctor. Völler has only been working for a few weeks as technical director at the German Football Association. In January, he took over from former striker Oliver Bierhoff. .
  10. in advance, 17 hours 54.
  11. in advance, 2:31 pm.
  12. in advance, 13:52. You always hear that he has a very good relationship with his players. He talks to them a lot, he always seeks dialogue. And this creates a basis of trust. Philipp Weisskirch, German sports journalist, who followed Tedesco at Leipzig.
  13. in advance, 13:51. He tries to solve a lot in a tactical way and attaches great importance to defense. Leipzig stood out because they conceded few goals. Philipp Weisskirch, German sports journalist, who followed Tedesco at Leipzig.
  14. in advance, 13:50. Of course he also has the stamp that he has never been with a club for long. When he joined a club, it always went very well, but there always came a point – after a year or so – where things didn’t go well in one way or another. And then he couldn’t hold himself any longer. . Philipp Weisskirch, German sports journalist, who followed Tedesco at Leipzig.
  15. in advance, 13 hours 49.
  16. in advance, 13 hours 49.
  17. in advance, 08:46. Belgium is going to win. In Germany they are a bit worried about their own team. They have therefore performed very poorly in the past 3 tournaments. They organize the next tournament, so it turns out big, but their own team is not that strong anymore. Analyst Youri “I’m more half Belgian than half German” Mulder.


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