LIVE – Naples-Frankfurt: the Neapolitans dominate, Trapp decisive several times

Yellow card for Lenz

Frankfurt’s left piston is behind Di Lorenzo, a logical warning, it’s the first of the match.


The Neapolitan defense had a hole and the deep pass for Gotze had passed! But the German was not quick enough to take the ball, he dithered because of the position of Borré, who was offside, next to him. It was a head-to-head ball.

Frankfurt finds more spaces

For five minutes, the Germans have been sticking their heads out of the water. It still goes through the right with the very well measured centers of Buta.

Frankfurt makes the shift!

This time it was very well played by the Germans on the right side. Buta projected himself well and can cross, but Borré and Kamada narrowly miss their heads. Naples could have been punished!

Impressive pressure from Napoli

Osimhen ends up recovering the ball with the help of his arm, the ball returned to Frankfurt, but the pressing of the Neapolitans, almost all-terrain, is suffocating the Germans.

It’s going well on the side of Naples

Frankfurt are currently failing to put their foot on the ball and build actions by taking the time.

Kvaratskhelia almost to the end!

What a Georgian rush! He made 40 meters, using Osimhen’s call. But he did not manage to open a striking window and he comes to the end of the race against Trapp, once again decisive.

Grégory Sertic, the former OM player now a consultant, hit on the sidelines of the clashes

Former Bordeaux and OM player, Grégory Sertic, consultant for Canal +, explained that he received blows from supporters near the Diego-Armando-Maradona stadium.

“I fell 500 meters from the stadium in an altercation between German and Neapolitan supporters. They must have taken me for a German, huh! The important thing is football,” he explained.

Trapp in front of Osimhen!

Shifted by Kvaratskhelia on the edge of the surface, the Nigerian continues with a right-footed shot at ground level repelled by Trapp. There was surely offside but it plays.

Buta fits Kvaratskhelia well so far

The Georgian has not yet managed to make the difference, the right side of Frankfurt leaves him very little space on the side.

Beautiful Neapolitan construction

In three passes, Naples eliminates the entire Frankfurt team and finds themselves playing an interesting situation in front of Trapp’s surface. This time, the Germans got away with it and repelled the danger.

The ball is for Napoli

But as soon as they recover it, the players of Frankfurt try to project themselves quickly. They are the ones who have to go up 2 goals and have to take risks tonight.

Gotze in the box!

On a cross from the right, the German is in a good position but he cannot resume with one touch and the Napoli defense manages to break free.

The Osimhen-Ndicka duel to watch

The Nigerian is quickly sought in depth by Neapolitan midfielders, it will be quite a challenge for Ndicka, who plays axial tonight in the three-man defense of Frankfurt.

Trapp already involved!

Politano manages to get to his left foot and unleashes a strike that forces Trapp to relax nicely. First corner for Naples, which starts very strong in intensity.

Let’s go to the Diego Armando Maradona stadium!

The kick-off is given by Napoli, in a heavy context since clashes took place during the day with Frankfurt supporters who came without a ticket. On the pitch, the Neapolitans are still playing a historic match which can take them to the quarter-finals of the Champions League for the first time in their history.

Kick-off imminent

We start in 5 minutes at the Diego Armando Maradona stadium. The opportunity to recall the compositions.

Naples: Meret – Di Lorenzo, RRahmani, Minjae, Mario Rui – Anguissa, Lobotka, Zielinski – Politano, Osimhen, Kvaratskhelia.

Frankfurt: Trapp – Lenz, Ndicka, Lucas Melo – Knauff, Sow, Rode, Buta – Kamada, Gotze, Deleted.

Naples has never known the quarters of the Champions League

A qualification of Napoli tonight would be historic. On four occasions, the Italian club stopped in the round of 16 of the competition: in 1990-91 against Spartak Moscow, at a time when we were talking about the Champions Clubs Cup, in 2011-12 against Chelsea, in 2016-17 against Real Madrid and in 2019-20 against Barcelona.

Naples led by the Osimhen-Kvaratskhelia duo

It’s classic for Napoli. Only two changes from the first leg with the entries in the eleven of Mario Rui and Politano who replace Olivera and Lozano.

The composition of Napoli: Meret – Di Lorenzo, RRahmani, Kim, Mario Rui – Anguissa, Lobotka, Zielinski – Politano, Osimhen, Kvaratskhelia.

Back to football, the composition of Frankfurt

While waiting to see how the situation develops in downtown Naples, let’s talk a little about football and the composition of Eintracht Frankfurt, which must go up two goals tonight without Randal Kolo Muani, suspended after his red card in the match go.

The composition of Frankfurt: Trapp – Lenz, Ndicka, Lucas Melo – Knauff, Sow, Rode, Buta – Kamada, Gotze, Deleted.

At the stadium, at the time of the incidents, everything was fine

The clashes took place in downtown Naples, involving Frankfurt supporters who came without tickets. At the Diego Armando Maradona stadium, where the match is to be played at 9 p.m., the situation was completely normal.

Frankfurt supporters came without a ticket

Following the violence against Napoli supporters, during the first leg, the Germans were banned from traveling this Wednesday but hundreds came without tickets, probably helped by the ultras of Atalanta Bergamo, a friend club of Eintracht Frankfurt.

Clashes continue in Naples

After clashes between Frankfurt supporters, banned from traveling but who came without a ticket, and the police, it was Naples supporters who were seen in the streets of the city in search of the Germans who ransacked Naples.

Hundreds of supporters face off in the streets of Naples

If the police charged the supporters to try to disperse them, several hundred fans had a fight with the Italian police this Wednesday on the sidelines of the Champions League meeting between Napoli and Eintracht Frankfurt.

Violent incidents between supporters and the police in Naples

Violent incidents are currently pitting supporters of Naples and Frankfurt against the police in the streets of the Italian city. Scuffles also saw fans of the two teams clash according to elements relayed by local journalists on social networks.

A police car caught fire as two supporters (whose club has not been identified) were reportedly stabbed.

Hello everyone,

Solid winner in the first leg in Germany (0-2), Naples must finish the job this Wednesday against Francort in the return match of the knockout stages of the Champions League. The transalpine club can count on the support of its public at the Diego Armando Maradona stadium.

Worse for Eintracht, condemned to a small exploit in Italy, the German club is deprived of Randal Kolo Muani. The Frenchman received a direct red in the first round for an uncontrolled tackle on André-Frank Zambo Anguissa.

>> Frankfurt-Naples (0-2)

Leader of Serie A, Napoli seems everything must be heading towards the title in the league. But the Italian club also acts as a scarecrow in the Champions League where the collective led by Luciano Spalletti impresses and scares its rivals.

A continental summit to follow on television on the television channel thanks to the combined RMC Sport-beIN Sports offer from 9 p.m. And for those who can’t watch the match, it can be followed live in this live commentary.


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