LIVE commentary: Liverpool humiliate Manchester United (6-0)

While the title battle at Arsenal and Manchester City crystallizes all the attention in England, behind, a team lurks in silence, ready to play spoilsport in the final sprint: Manchester United.

Mancunians, who are full of confidence and who have just won their first trophy since 2017, in the Carabao Cup against Newcastle. Galvanized by the good work of‘Erik ten Hagthe Red Devils intend to continue to assert themselves as the 3rd force present in England this season.

Beware, however, of overconfidence and their adversary of the day, Liverpool, which (finally) finds some colors after an interminable slump. Relegated light years from the lead and even stuck in the soft underbelly of the Premier League for a few weeks, the Reds have not lost for four games and have therefore climbed back to 6th place.

Despite this slight burst of pride, the overall balance sheet remains very lackluster (39 points out of 72) and the situation of Jürgen Klopp at the head of the club still seems to be weakened. It would therefore be necessary to achieve, in the head of the Reds, to strike a blow … against a “big guy.”

Why not do it this Sunday by offering Manchester United?



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