Lionel Messi’s dinner at Don Julio: who sat at his table and why Antonela Roccuzzo was not there

The corner of Guatemala and Gurruchaga in the neighborhood of Palermo was revolutionized on Monday night, after Lionel Messi will meet for dinner at the Don Julio grillone of the most prestigious in the world.

The Argentine star, who came to the country to play the friendlies against Panama and Curacaotook the opportunity to meet with part of his family and some friends, before being concentrated in the Ezeiza property.

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Messi dined with his family and the actors Adrian Suar, Griselda Siciliani and Gustavo Bermudez. (Instagram photo Adrian Suar)

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Messi shared a table with his mother, Celia, and his brothers, Matías and Sol. his friends were there, Adrián Suar, Griselda Siciliani and Gustavo Bermúdez. The peculiarity is that Antonela Roccuzzo was not there, who traveled to Rosario with her children.

Adrián Suar and Celia, Lionel Messi’s mother, shared the night with crack. (MOVILPRESS PHOTOS).

Griselda Siciliani and her daughter Margarita were also with Messi and his family. (MOVILPRESS PHOTOS).

Messi has a very good relationship with Adrian Suar and Gustavo Bermúdez and even participated in a chapter of the series “Los protectores”, in which both star.

The place chosen for dinner was not random. The Don Julio grill has such prestige that in order to eat there you have to reserve a place through the website and There is only availability for June. Of course, in the case of the best player in the world, the place that appears in the world ranking of the best restaurants, He decided to close just to receive him and his relatives.

Matías Messi, brother of Lionel Messi, was one of the members of the table on the gridiron in Palermo. (MOVILPRESS PHOTOS).

Don Julio, the grill chosen by Lionel Messi

“This house is from 1897 and is the first of two floors in the Palermo neighborhood,” he described Pablo Riveroowner of the place, about the location in an interview he gave to the newspaper The nation in 2022. “My parents got here thanks to a friend named Julio who took us in and we lived upstairs. They found a way for me to dedicate myself to something and it worked, I liked it and I found my vocation. Don Julio starts in 1998″.

About the cuts that are served, Rivero said: “We work 18 cuts in total between the butcher shop and the restaurant. The hits are the rib eye, the entraña, the roast and the rump. At lunch we managed to make 250 covers,” he specified.

Madness for Messi in Palermo

Lionel Messi arrived in Argentina on Monday morning for the celebrations of the world champions in the country and at night he chose the Don Julio grill, located in the Palermo neighborhood, which was revolutionized by the presence of the best player in the planet and captain of the National Team.

La Pulga went to a restaurant in Palermo and unleashed the madness of the fans who came to the place.

What is and where is the Don Julio grill?

Don Julio is a prestigious grill in Palermo, Buenos Aires, known for its authentic Argentine cuisine and succulent cuts of meat.

Located in Guatemala 4691, this establishment attracts tourists and locals.

This gastronomic venue in Buenos Aires specializes in Argentine barbecue, offering cuts such as bife de chorizo, asado de tira y entraña. In addition, its empanadas and other food options complement the culinary experience.

According to top reviews, friendly and attentive service at Don Julio is paired with a rustic, traditional setting, where an open grill allows diners to enjoy food preparation.

The extensive Argentine wine list includes varietals from Mendoza, Salta and San Juan.

To secure a table at this popular Palermo restaurant, advance reservations are essential.


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