Levante wins the first title in its history in 2023: the 1937 Republic Cup

At the request of the president of the RFEF, as notified by the institution, the validity of the title of the 1912 Spain Contest of Deportivo will also be recognized.

It should be remembered that Levante UD has years fighting for recognition of this title won in 1937 by winning the final against Valencia. The club and the FFCV brought to the attention of the RFEF in 2019 a series of events of a sporting nature to request recognition of the title.

The RFEF always taking into account the “exceptionality of the moment and the civil war context in which the tournament took place”, took into account the consideration of the documents.

The club took a definitive step last October by presenting the corresponding documentation in the entry register of the Secretary of State for Democratic Memory – being accepted – once the Law of Democratic Memory was approved and entered into force.

Official statement from the RFEF

The board of directors of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, meeting this Saturday in Malaga in the run-up to the qualifying match for the 2024 Euro Cup that pits the National Team against Norway (8:45 p.m., La Rosaleda), has approved, request of President Luis Rubiales, the official recognition of the President of the Republic Cup-Free Spain Cup competition and has granted the Levante Footbal Club the distinction of champion of the year 1937.

This competition was held in Barcelona on July 18, 1937 between the teams of Valencia and Levante Football Club, the latter being the winner. Levante Unión Deportiva and the Federation of the Valencian Community informed the RFEF, in 2019, of a series of events of a sporting nature to request recognition of the title, always acknowledging the exceptional nature of the moment and the context of civil war in which the tournament took place. From there, the FIFA agreements of November 6 and 7, held in Paris, as well as the agreements adopted by the highest world football body in Calcutta in October 2017, were taken into consideration, among others.

In the same way, the board has also recognized the official status of the Concurso España competition and has awarded the Real Club Deportivo de la Coruña the title of champion of the year of 1912. Likewise, all the documentation provided has been analyzed and taken into account. account the linked reports of experts in the historical field of football.



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