LeBron and the Lakers take revenge on Patrick Beverley, humiliated like never before!

Again against the Bulls this Wednesday evening, the Lakers took their revenge with great ease. Darvin Ham’s men got the job done, including LeBron James, who was determined to exact revenge on Patrick Beverley. The latter should be very discreet after his horrible performance.

When the Lakers raise their voices, life is immediately easier in the City of Angels. Darvin Ham’s men dominated the Bulls quite easily on Wednesday night, with a 121-110 final victory. The score could have been much higher if the Pourpre et Or had been serious for 48 minutes. But the main thing is there: victory.

LeBron fired up against the Bulls and Pat Bev

The Angelinos need it in this final sprint, especially since every defeat now counts in the West. Anthony Davis therefore made sure to be on his 31st with 38 units on arrival, 10 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 blocks and 2 steals. LeBron James was not outdone either with his 25 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists. The King even wanted to make fun of Patrick Beverley a little.

LeBron: “Oh no” when Pat Bev ran into him. 😂😂

Pat Bev didn’t fool anyone with his fake shots, the defense being aware that he is a poor player in this area. The former Clipper was also very bad in this part, with an impressive total of 0 points in 25 minutes, despite 5 attempts at 3 points. Bonus ? A small -32 when he was on the floor.

LeBron is not the only one to have laughed, like Austin Reaves and D’Angelo Russell:

The Lakers were clearly on a mission this Wednesday night, not only to dominate the Bulls, but also to make fun of Patrick Beverley. A successful evening for the men of Darvin Ham, who will have to confirm against Wolves. The playoff race is far from over.


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