Larre Borges advanced to the playoffs eliminating Goes at home and with controversy


Basketball: Larre Borges advanced to the playoffs eliminating Goes at home and with controversy

The aurinegro team prevailed 90-86 to close their playin series 3-1 and cross Biguá’s path in the quarterfinals.

19.03.2023 00:17

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Larre Borges beat Goes 90-86 away from home in the match that had been cut short on Friday, when three minutes before the end of overtime the console burned in Plaza de las Misiones with the aurinegro team winning 82-81.

The Union team was always up in extra time with the offensive leadership of Leandro García Morales and a key double by Mauro Zubiaurre to recover three lead (84-87) 26 seconds from the epilogue.

In the recharge, Martín Osimani scored on a layup (86-87) for the locals, and with 16 seconds remaining Gastón Semiglia missed a free kick and scored the second (86-88). Goes responded and the referees whistled a non-existent attacking foul by Joaquín Osimani on García Morales.

In the balance of the many errors in the shortlist, the loser had been Larre Borges on Friday, when a clear foul by Mauricio Arregui was omitted on the penetration of García Morales in the last play of regulation time.

Benefited this time, the aurinegro team closed the dispute when they served and put the ball in the hands of García Morales, who ended the game scoring two free kicks.

Gastón Semiglia was the top scorer of the winning team with 25 points, one more than García Morales. In addition, Glenn contributed a double-double of 18 points and 16 rebounds. For the loser, Martín Osimani and Adonte Parker scored 19 each.

Larre Borges, eighth in the regular season, closed his play-off series against Goes 3-1 and will play the quarterfinals against Biguá.

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