Langreo beat Vetusta 3-0 and picks up a run in their fight for permanence

Langreo, 3-Vintage, 0

langreo: Adrian Torre (2); Juanpe (3), Samba (2), Keko Hevia (2), Cedenilla (3), Joselu Guerra (2), Óscar Poveda (3), Luis Sánchez (3), Chus Ruiz (3), David Iglesias (3) and Bayo (2).

Substitutions: Pablo Fernandez (2), min. 64 by Luis Sanchez. Alvaro Queijeiro (2), min. 74 by Chus Ruiz. Leonard Cheese (sc), min. 83 by David Churches. Nacho Lopez (sc), min. 83 by Oscar Poveda.

ancient: Berto Horreo (1); Adrian Fernandez (1), Rene Perez (2), Santi Roman (2), Omar Falah (1), Yayo (2), Alex Cardero (2), Mario Sese (2), Ivan Gonzalez (2), Miguel Cuesta (2) 1) and Enol Rodriguez (2). Substitutions: Javi Moreno (1), min. 46 by Omar Falah. Mario Fountain (1), min. 46 by Adrian Fernandez. Victor White (1), min. 52 by Roman. Nnoshiri (1), min. 61 by Ivan Gonzalez. Nacho Estrada (1), min. 72 by Sese.

goals: 1-0, min. 4: Chus Ruiz. 2-0, min. 47: Luis Sánchez. 3-0, min. 79: Juanpe.

Referee: Argüeso Spaniards (Cantabrian committee). He warned locals Samba, Chus Ruiz and Pablo Fernandez, and Nnoshiri.

New Ganzabal: 1,500 spectators. A minute’s silence was observed for the former Oviedo footballer Pelayo Novo.

What a few weeks ago seemed impossible is now in the hands of a Langreo who has chained three victories in a row and sees the positions of permanence very close after imposing himself with authority on a Vetusta who did not have his best day. Javi Vázquez’s team entered the game better and soon Chus Ruiz put them ahead. El Vetusta, on the other hand, was at the expense of his rival in the first part. Langreo was a solid team against a Vetusta in which Yayo was one of the few salvageable in a team that hardly generated danger. The locals, on the other hand, took advantage of the counters to reach the visitor’s goal with great danger, through Bayo and the second striker Chus Ruiz.

As soon as the second part began, Luis Sánchez took advantage of another lack of concentration from Vetusta to score the second. At no time did Langreo see the result in jeopardy against an opponent who passed through Ganzabal with more pain than glory. Juanpe, who had a great performance in defence, scored the third goal to the delight of a crowd that yesterday applauded his team wildly.

The coaches’ reactions

Vázquez: “This is going to be long”

Javi Vázquez, Langreo’s coach, came away “very happy” from the game that his team won against Vetusta, “because of the streak and above all because of the sensations,” he added. The Madrid coach assured that his team is “in a good line, competing much better.” He also thanked Ganzábal for his support: “The feeling is very cool, it has been from the beginning, you can see a different atmosphere in everything and that brings us closer to winning.” Of course, he warned that the road to permanence “is going to be long and it is going to be hard. We have to go to the death,” he concluded.

Jaime: “A game to forget”

Jaime, Vetusta’s coach, left very upset with Ganzábal for the way his team lost: “It’s a game to forget in all aspects.” Among the defects of his team, he cited the “losses” and that they were “very soft in disputes”, something that made it impossible for them to compete: “It is impossible that way.” Vetusta, in a very good line in recent days, will now seek to recover the good moment of play to avoid scares: “It is time to prepare for the Palencia game, they were talking about other things and everything is very even.”



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