Labastide-Rouairoux. Personalized follow-up and orientation at the Thoré Valley College

The college in the Vallée du Thoré, one of the smallest in the department, has 8 classes, two per level from 6° to 3°; classes whose numbers range from 15 to 23 students, allowing teachers a more personalized follow-up of each of them. “The same goes for orientation, says Fabienne Meilhan, we start working on the project of each of our students from the 4th grade so that we can deepen it in conjunction with families and teachers.”

The new measures came into effect this year, the removal of technology and a weekly hour of support in French and maths for 6th graders, in small groups. The “homework done” was generalized to all middle school students at the start of the school year: help with homework provided by teachers during attendance hours in groups of 8 students.

The mountain biking section, which is aimed at middle school students from 5° and 4°, is still as successful, it brings together 24 students. Various activity clubs are offered during the meridian break, chess, origami, reading, etc. led by teachers. Added to this is the sports association led by PE teachers, Franck Pesqué and Franck Maurel, football, archery, table tennis, etc. A “garden” club open to all students and led by Marina Enamorado and the kitchen agents completes the offer. Many projects are on the program, at all levels, for this school year. For 4th graders, work on journalism led by Laure Cauquil, visual arts teacher and Chloé Dequivre, history/geography teacher: this involves making a radio and photographic documentary on the Mazamet footbridge with Médiatarn, from documentary research to editing, including interviews, filming, etc. A project in which the teenagers are working with great enthusiasm. The 4th grade students are also preparing a theater and dance show with Céline Fleury, French teacher. In June, as part of Reading Night, 6th graders will be invited to sleep at the college after spending the evening with their parents: on the program, reading workshops and a Spanish hostel. After the families have left, a reading trip will be offered to the children, by the light of headlamps. Finally, long postponed due to the health crisis, the one-week stay in London for 4th and 3rd year teenagers is back and is eagerly awaited.

General Assembly of French Remembrance. The Cantonal Committee of French Remembrance chaired by André Houlès will hold its annual general meeting (which had to be canceled last January due to bad weather) on Saturday March 18 at 10:30 a.m. in the hall of honor of the town hall. On the agenda, the moral report, the financial report, the renewal of the executive office and the collection of contributions 2023 followed by various questions.


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