Kyle Kuzma is unquestionably the MVP of style in the NBA

In the NBA – surprise surprise – competition is everything. One, it’s ruthless: winning in the league that encompasses the best of world basketball is never taken for granted, as demonstrated by the projects born out of fanfare and finally precipitated into the most inconsolable desolation (Brooklyn Nets, we’re looking at you). Two, he does not admit weaknesses, not even among teammates: the chronicles abound with stories with veterans who “bully” the latest arrivals (to get an idea, recover the insensitive treatment that Michael Jordan reserves to some of his colleagues in the locker room, the all witnessed in The Last Dance). Three, since the competition is never too much, parquet is not enough: you also compete in the tunnels, where the challenge no longer consists of shots and rebounds, but in bringing out your most fashionable side.

The regular season will end in a few weeks, and the title of Most Valuable Player will follow (will it be Nikola Jokic for the third year in a row?). If we talk about style, however, the winner – or rather: the big winner – is Kyle Kuzma, player of the Washington Wizards. We probably won’t see the Wizards play in the postseason (in other words: it’s not the most interesting team out there), but Kuzma, in his own way, has managed to get people talking with always brilliant, successful, often daring outfits. In this sense, he has even surpassed one who for years played without opponents on this terrain, Russell Westbrook: now the scene is all Kuzma’s – it doesn’t matter if he wears a suit or a pair of distressed jeans, his choices will be Always perfect.

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