Krabbendam: ”I have never handed out such high marks”

An elated Martijn Krabbendam looks back in De Kuip on the pulverization of Shakhtar Donetsk in conversation with his own Football International. The journalist was obviously very positive about Feyenoord. Yet he does not see very big differences with previous, difficult, matches that the team from Rotterdam played.

”It’s elusive. Why are those opportunities happening now? In essence, they did not do much different than against Volendam or Groningen. In this phase of a European tournament you rarely see such a result. Last week we complained that she was making things difficult for herself. They could now even give players a rest,” said the maker of the Dick Voormekaar Podcast.

The fact that Krabbendam does not see this humiliation as luck is evident from the figures in the weekly magazine: ”I have never handed out such high marks. On this podium, despite being an opponent in a very difficult situation, you still have to do it. It didn’t stop at 3-0 either, they could have slowed down. Even Slot tried to calm them down, but those players just go for it.”

Before trainer Arne Slot had his say at the press conference, Oussama Idrissi spoke. That probably had to do with his good game and two goals: ”You slowly see that he is becoming the Idrissi of AZ again. He just keeps making his actions, no matter how loudly he is yelled at. I like that. He seems fitter and stronger after that injury before the World Cup.”

The moment had finally arrived against Shakhtar. The return of Gernot Trauner in the starting line-up. Krabbendam suspects that the Austrian will remain standing. “I think this will also happen in the Classic. They don’t expect a reaction from the knee to the game. It looked very natural with Geertruida at right back. The players like it best when Trauner plays in the center.” Finally, he concludes: “They are not the favorite, but they have a great chance to win there.”

The numbers
Wellenreuther (8), Geertruida (8), Trauner (8), Hancko (8), López (8); Wieffer (8), Szymanski (8), Kökçü (8.5); Jahanbakhsh (8), Gimenez (8.5), Idrissi (8.5).

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