Kombouaré reassembled against a Lyon player

Last Friday, FC Nantes trained by Antoine Kombouaré went to take the point of the draw (1-1) on the ground of Olympique Lyonnais. On this occasion, the coach of the Canaries had an exchange with the referee of the meeting, Mr. Millot.

It was a first on the OL pitch. On the occasion of the arrival of FC Nantes, the referee of the meeting, Mr Millot, was indeed equipped with a microphone for the sound system of the referees. This made it possible, via the broadcaster, to sometimes have comical exchanges between players and the man in black. The Nantes coach, Antoine Kombouaré, also took advantage of the match, and of this novelty, to address a reproach to Mr Millot.

Nothing serious, but a blow from Lyonnais Nicolas Tagliafico to Ludovic Blas who did not go to Kombouaré at all. “How can you not give him a card there? “assaults the Kanak before the referee replies: “I just see the end of the duel”. Kombouaré gave a layer after the final whistle, “Mr. Millot, you forgot the cards,” while acknowledging that the sound system of the refereeing corps was a very good thing.

“I am in favor of doing what is necessary, so that everyone is on their toes. It is also good because the players will have to better respect the refereeing corps, but we will also hear everything that the referees will say. There will be more transparency.”



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