Karin Hart challenges Paige Spiranac: “I’m your favorite golfer”

Nno one can with the impact of Paige Spiranac. Undoubtedly, the American is the one that generates the greatest influence as a golf reference. Although, every day new competitors emerge who try to overshadow it.

So is the case of Karin Hurt, who also dreams of becoming an influencer on social media through her golf-related posts.

Hart has managed to get closer to Paige’s ‘boom’ with a publication in which he generated many reactions on his social networks. Although the number of her followers, which is 156 thousand, is still very far from the almost 4 million by Paige Spiranac

Nor is it the main target of Karim, who currently lives in Florida and manages his own company, iHart Marketing.

Although golf is one of Hart’s passions that He started playing this sport in 2015, with which he completely “fell in love”, which makes him follow him and want to deepen his practice.

The fans have already dared to compare it with Paige Spiranacafter a post in which she uploaded a collection of photos of herself on a golf course holding clubs in a cropped white shirt and shorts.

Reactions supported that post with comments like “You look beautiful in white Karin” or “Can there be anything more heavenly?” who, without a doubt, celebrated that I bet on golf in their post. Karin defines herself as “your favorite golfer”although she knows she has to work hard to catch up with Paige Spiranac.


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