Junior seeks a prestigious coach: candidates and discarded

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Gustavo Alfaro and José Pékerman are ruled out. The market and the economy complicate some names.

Junior 2023
Photo: Dimayor

Junior de Barranquilla will not announce the departure of Arturo Reyes until the hiring of his replacement is close. And it is that the board of directors of the Colombian club does not want to leave the squad adrift for a long time.

That is why the Char family has been meeting this Monday to study names to hire the new coach. And although a unification has not been reached, names have sounded, some of them were automatically discarded.

This is the case of Gustavo Alfaro, who led Ecuador in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, was ruled out a long time ago, since the figures do not add up and the Argentine coach is looking for opportunities in other parts of the world.

Another name that came out as a journalistic version was that of José Pékerman, a name that was never in the head of the leadership. In fact, FUTBOLRED consulted with the club and they responded: “Zero possibilities, those are names that the press invents.”

Thus, names have been heard that do not have greater credibility and support, such as those of José Eugenio ‘Cheché’ Hernández, but that do not have the strength to be elected.

Junior insists on a foreign coach, even if he is not a World Cup player. They are looking for a prestigious coach with proven results in South American football.

Thus, Uruguayan Pablo Repetto, who shone with Independiente del Valle, Ecuador, and has gone through teams such as Olimpia de Paraguay, Nacional de Uruguay, and Liga de Quito, Ecuador, sounds strong.

On the other hand, in the last few hours the name of Reinaldo Rueda, who led Colombia in the 2022 Qualifiers, has sounded insistently.


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