Judo: Judo aces in winning mode – Klosterneuburg

Strong weekend for Judo Klosterneuburg at the 34th Grand Prix Pezinok.

KLOSTERNEUBURG. The international tournament in Slovakia had 618 starters from 78 clubs and five nations. The judo club from Pezinok has been considered the measure of all things in Slovakian judo for many years. It is therefore also in the nature of things that many strong participants face the challenge and appear when such a club calls for a “comparison”.

Best status
Together with the Galaxy Tigers, with five times gold, five times silver and six times bronze, the Klosterneuburg team is listed as “the best club” in the club ranking. Tamia Eckl even won the tournament’s technician prize.

Coach Sven Maresch on this award: “I have rarely seen such a technically controlled and varied performance from such a young athlete.” Maresch also confirms: “It’s not easy to stand out in over 600 people,” and congratulates the athlete. Although the Klosterneuburg judo fighters have already received the “Technician of the Tournament” award at two international tournaments in a row, this is only the fourth in the club’s history.

The gold medal winners are Laura-Sophie Kunyik, Tamia Eckl, Sophia von Lutz, Noemi Escalante and Christoph Schuster. Lukas Angerer, Mario Sumper, Lieselotte Winter, Sophia von Lutz (double start U16) and Laura-Sophie Kunyik (double start U18) won silver. Maximilian Aschenbach, Anabel Drusowitsch, Ralf Höfling, Savelii Prodan, Maya Kochauf and Jojo Hager were happy about bronze.

The judo aces won numerous medals.  |  Photo: Pezinok 2023


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