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Aiming for a leap forward in the next stage, when leaving the nest ~Next Stage

Mizuma (Sagasho) to Tokyo Gakugei University
Don’t forget the challenger’s feelings

Kimiko Mizuma (right, Sagasho), a judo girl who has advanced to Tokyo Gakugei University and continues to compete.Overcoming surgery on her right knee and waiting for the day to shine on the big stage again = last August, Matsuyama City

All-Japan Judo Women’s Individual 63kg final held in Ehime Prefecture. Kimiko Mizuma (Sagasho), who won her superior victory by stealing her wazaari with Ouchigari, cried tears of joy and savored the taste of her victory.

Kimiko Mizuma, a Saga merchant who continues to compete at Tokyo Gakugei University = the same school in Saga City

In front of the National Assembly. When she was pushing hard to practice, she felt uneasy and broke her heart, saying, “Even if I do (practice), something will be different.” At that time, her friends called out and supported her. “There are people watching.” The presence of his friends gave him a chance to inspire and lead to victory.
In December of last year, he underwent surgery on his right knee, which had been in pain for some time. He will continue to compete at Tokyo Gakugei University, but his return is likely around the summer. Until then, Mizuma said, “I will strengthen my physicality.” Retrain his body and build a foundation to fight at a high level.
In the last summer, he reached the high school champion, but he never forgets his feelings as a challenger, saying, “I’m still weak, so I want to see how far I can go (in college).” She plans to put an end to the competition in her four years at university, saying, “I want to enjoy judo so that I have no regrets.” (Ryosuke Kobe)



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