Jordan’s crazy demand to join Nike!

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Michael Jordan is fearless. Considered the greatest player of all time, the former Chicago Bulls idol captured attention from an early age. Early in his NBA career, number 23 was approached by top brands to wear their shoes. While he initially wanted to be sponsored by adidas, whose shoes he wore in training, or by Converse, which he used in the NCAA, the university championship, Michael Jordan finally joined the American company. However, the latter had no intention of signing with Nike and would have gone to the appointment only on the advice of his mother.

Jordan wanted a car!

While the movie « Air » tells the backstage of the rapprochement between Michael Jordan and the comma brand, the basketball player made a crazy request to agree to sign, as revealed The Sports Rush : « Michael Jordan wanted to sign with Adidas, since he wore their shoes for training. He also hesitated with Converse, since he wore them in the NCAA. During his interview with Nike, which he attended on the advice of his mother, Jordan wanted to impose his will on one of the bosses, Sonny Vaccaro. As soon as the introductions started, MJ demanded that we offer him a car on the spot. »

Obviously, the fact that Nike granted his request convinced Michael Jordan of the brand’s desire to have him at all costs. A choice for the less enlightened, since “MJ” launched with the success that we know him the “Jordan” collections, which brought him millions of euros.

To sum up

Michael Jordan could have never signed with Nike. The former Chicago Bulls player did not want to commit to the American brand and had asked them for a car to continue negotiations, which Nike accepted.


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