Joma presents the new FITP 2023 national team collection

In the third year of the Joma – FITP partnership, the Spanish brand is pleased to present the new collection of the Federation, which has recently renewed its name in the Italian Tennis and Padel Federation. All the national disciplines of the Federation will wear Joma in all their categories and in all national and international competitions. In fact, Joma will supply the competition, training and leisure lines.

Design features

To develop the FITP clothing lines, the Joma design team has taken up the distinctive characteristics of Italian tennis and padel. All the garments are characterized by the typical colors of the FITP, where in particular the Italian blue remains the protagonist. The result is clothing with a traditional essence, accompanied by a captivating and modern touch.

Furthermore, the new Joma FITP collections feature numerous personalized details with the colors of the Italian flag. Among them, a print with a shaded optical effect and another with the tricolor appearing on different levels. Naturally, the FITP logo is present on all products, together with the screen-printed Joma logo.

Technical features

For the FITP lines, the technical characteristics that have placed Joma at the top of sportswear have been maintained. For example, we find the MICRO-MESH SYSTEM technology in the areas where sweat accumulates the most to regulate body temperature. This system helps to expel it, keeping the athlete’s body fresh, even in moments of maximum effort, also limiting the appearance of bad smells.

The FLATLOCK flat seams are located in the parts sensitive to friction to prevent skin irritation and increase the feeling of comfort for the athletes. Similarly, the LASER CUTS finish was used in the racing clothing, which guarantees maximum comfort as well as eliminating seams, making the garments lighter.

On the other hand, the fabrics have been specially chosen to make all the garments extremely performing. For the races Joma has therefore opted for super light, flexible and breathable materials, while for training it has given priority to comfort. The sweatshirt is present in winter clothing to provide maximum warmth. The ultimate goal is that each of these garments can contribute to freedom of movement and better support the athletes of the FITP national teams.


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