Jesper Fredberg sends a very clear message to Anderlecht youngsters

Nowadays, young players want to go abroad quickly. In Anderlecht, the Dane Jesper Fredberg will not retain them.

In recent years, Anderlecht have tried everything to keep their greatest talents. This did not prevent Rayane Bounida and Julien Duranville from looking elsewhere. Two players who would have clearly received their chance in the first team (Duranville received it but could have claimed a major role in the years to come).

“We expect you to do what is necessary to keep Duranville” summoned a supporter in the documentary “Mauve”. The answer of Fredberg was very clear. “I will never keep a player who does not have his mind fully at Anderlecht. I will do everything to sell him at the best price.”

In other words, if you don’t choose Anderlecht and you think the grass is greener elsewhere, Sporting won’t bend over backwards to keep you. Otherwise, you may receive a professional contract like Ilay Camara recently. The sporting director talks with the parents but will not compete with the best European players. “I’m not going to arm wrestle with young players. It’s choosing Anderlecht or leaving” declared Jesper Fredberg. The young Mauves have been warned.



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