Japan vs. Colombia LIVE: second exam of the National Team in Asia

Minute 55: Hajime Moriyasu moves the bench in search of shaking off Colombian dominance.

Minute 52: Colombia complicates the exit to Japan and locks it in its own field.

Minute 50: The Colombian players claim a hand in the area. The referee does not consider that there is a penalty.

Minute 47: Colombia comes out with the intention of looking for the second goal and dominates the ball in the early stages of the complementary part.

THE SECOND HALF BEGINS: Japan 1-1 Colombia

FINAL OF THE FIRST HALF: Japan and Colombia tie at one goal in Osaka.

Minute 45: Still ball from Colombia that ends in a foul in attack.

Minute 42: Many fouls by the local team. Durán and Carrascal objective of the strong game of the Japanese.

Minute 40: Danger in the Vargas arch. Nishimura shoots from the edge of the box and the ball goes just wide.

Minute 36: La Tricolor continues to apply the strategy of putting pressure on the Japanese defense in their own half.

Minute 33: Gooooooal for Colombia! Jhon Jáder Durán scores his first goal with the senior team.

Minute 30: The first half hour of the game is fulfilled with Colombia trying to combine in the field of Japan.

Minute 27: Everything continues 1-0 in favor of the local team, thanks to a goal from Kaoru Mitoma, a Brighton player from England.

Minute 25: Colombia presses very high in the field of Japan.

Minute 22: Carrascal’s free kick shot that goes too high.

Minute 20: Colombia knocks on Japan’s door again with Matheus Uribe reaching the area.

Minute 17: Reprimanded Deiver Machado, left side of the Tricolor.

Minute 15: Minutes of intense fight in the center of the field. No clear goal options after Mitoma’s goal.

Minute 12: Japan insists on bringing danger to Vargas’ goal. Uphill match for the Colombian National Team.

Minute 10: Phew! Colombia is saved after a closed corner kick to the goal of Camilo Vargas.

Minute 7: La Tricolor tries to find connections in the offensive zone in search of a tie.

Minute 5: Colombia is coming! Rafael Santos Borré shoots inside the area and demands the Japanese goalkeeper.

Minute 3: Japan goal. Mitoma scores the first header at the dawn of the match.

THE MATCH STARTS: Japan 0-0 Colombia

5:14 a.m: Anthems play in Osaka.

5:10 a. m: This is how the Colombian National Team will jump onto the playing field.

The Colombian National Team jumps onto the field of the Yodoko Sakura stadium this Friday with the slogan of showing the results of a job that is already on its way to completing its first year. The coach Néstor Lorenzo still does not know what defeat is like as a coach, which puts extra weight on this commitment against Japan.

“It generates a very nice expectation of knowing how we are, Knowing that we are in preparation, with many young players and that we want this replacement to take place in the best context, we want it to take place with a win”, said the technician at a press conference.

Lorenzo considers that this match is a measure of the work done since his arrival in June of last year. “The match will be against a very difficult rival, a World Cup player, who has had a great World Cup in Qatar 2022, who has competed with the biggest teams in the world,” he said.

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