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James Rodriguez is hopeful. The player from Cucuta, summoned with the Colombian National Team for the friendlies against South Korea and Japan, maintains the illusion of playing again with Olympiacos this Sunday, after missing a few games due to minor ailments.

The ’10’, who was highlighted this week for his extra-sports facet, hopes to be a starter in the match between his team and Volos NFC, for the local league.

While waiting for the call of the Spanish DT Michel to be published, Rodríguez is once again in the news. On this occasion, on behalf of some statements from his ex-partner, Daniela Ospina.

The echo has to do with it because it revealed a “complex” situation that he lives with his daughter Salomé.

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‘It is very complex’

Daniela Ospina with her 9-year-old daughter Salomé, daughter of soccer player James Rodríguez. She says that the role of her mother is the job that she is most passionate about.


PHOTO: Gato Rivero / Aló Magazine

In a chat with ‘RCN’, Ospina was asked about her current life and the rhythm of life as a mother and businesswoman.

During the dialogue, they asked him about the weight of criticism in the face of so much exposure of him and his daughter Salomé.

In this regard, he stated: “It is very complex, telling you that it is easy would be lying to you, because what they say to their children hurts more. They can tell me what they want and I’ve learned to handle it, but it’s harder for them to talk to their children, it’s up to you”.

“I would like to share more things about Salo, show more videos of his dance, because I think he has a great talent, and he practices it to improve it, but it is difficult for me because we are in a world where behind the screens it is easy to judge. ”added Ospina, who apparently suggested to her daughter to close her social networks.

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‘We have been very mature’

James Rodriguez and Daniel Ospina: rumors of reconciliation


Instagram: @daniela_ospina5 / jamesrodriguez10

Questioned about her relationship with James Rodríguez, she was certain: “We have been very mature and we are grateful to each other for all the things we lived through in our past., for having given us what we both love the most, our daughter. I have always said that the mistakes of the big ones do not have to pay for the little ones and that is why I have taken care of it, the heart of my daughter.

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