James Nunnally: Pozzecco’s views on American guards are racist

James Nunnally, a full-back at Partizan, defined Gianmarco Pozzecco’s recent words on the difference between European and American point guards as racist.

His tweet: “That coach’s rhetoric and his views on American guards are racist.”

We report the ‘offending’ words of the coach of the blue national team:

“Shabazz Napier is talented, he is smart and he has personality. Qualities necessary to lead a high-level team. The main difference with Micic is that he is American, in the sense that he has a different approach to the game. I am convinced that the big names in the Euroleague have all had a European point guard: Papaloukas, Diamantidis, Spanoulis, Chacho Rodriguez. With all due respect, the Americans have something less because they play differently, it’s physiological. Without the ball in hand, for example, they are more disinterested in the game.”


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