Jalisco Congress classifies attacks on women with acid and other corrosive substances – El Sol de México

With 34 votes in favour, the plenary session Jalisco Congress approved various reforms to recognize and penalize attacks with acid or other corrosive substances; Penalties of two to 15 years in prison were established, with aggravating circumstances if they are gender-based assaults.

Implemented by the local deputy of Movimiento Ciudadano (MC) Dolores López Jara, the endorsed proposal, in addition to classifying acid attacks as such, establishes the creation and updating of protocols for attention to women victims of these attacks and regulates the sale of acids, chemical, corrosive, caustic, toxic or flammable substancesby establishing supervision of these activities.

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“It is simply that attacks with corrosive substances can be an independent crime, they can be a crime that is punishable separately and not as simple or aggravated injuries. Whoever attacks with acids is a premeditated action. Here a person goes exclusively to an establishment to buy a product to harm another person,” said the deputy.

According to the ruling, the sanctions of two to 15 years in prison go against the person who attacks using acids, chemical, corrosive, caustic, toxic or flammable substancesor any other that by itself or mixed with other agents, generates internal or external injuries.

When the attack is committed for reasons of gender and between the asset and the victim there is or has been any type of relationship (blood, civil, work, educational, etc.), the penalty will increase up to one third.

According to López Jara, the importance of what has already been approved was such, since these types of crimes are committed with the full intention of harming and causing terror in the person. In addition, he recalled that it is estimated that from the year 2000 to date in the country more than 60 attacks with acid or other substances are counted.

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The reforms were made to the Law on Women’s Access to a Life Free of Violence, and to the Penal Code of Jalisco.

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