J.22: Hierros Díaz Miralvalle will fight for promotion in the Final Phase

A vital victory in Pontevedra against CB Arxil and a passport to the Final Phase. Hierros Díaz Miralvalle will have the opportunity to return to the LF Challenge with four days to go in the Regular League.


There are already two teams in Group A that have a mathematical place for the Final Phase. After Tirso Incentro, the Hierros Díaz Miralvalle team from Extremadura will also fight for promotion. Next week the duel between Unicaja Mijas and CB Arxil seems decisive for the final resolution.

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Hierros Díaz Miralvalle is the second team in Group A with a pass to the Final Phase. And they did it in Pontevedra, recovering from a great start to the match for CB Arxil. A 4-21 run in the third, the best shooting success and the offensive contribution of Ana Moyano (18 points) and Ruth Adams (15) were key. The Ingenia Solar Energy Costa de Almería also added on this day 22 against a Tirso Incentro with his homework done (59-47). The Andalusians were better on the rebound and had a Macarena d’Urso ready for the final stretch of the season. And those who continue to rise in the rankings are Unicaja Mijas, who have recovered from the bad start to the campaign and are already in the Final Phase positions. The Portuguese center Carla Vieitas was the best player in the victory in the Canary Islands against Magectías Contra Violencia de Género.

Group B has three very well placed teams. Unilever Viladecans, Fustecma NBF Castelló and Azul Marino Viajes Mallorca added another victory. The Catalans beat Promoviatges CBF Cerdanyola (66-70) with a double-double by Claudia Pérez (13+16). The people from Castellón beat Elite Sport CB Lleida (81-61) and have a foot and a half in the Final Phase (they can get it next Wednesday in the postponed game of matchday 18. And the Balearic Islands had no problem winning against Intergraf Grup Barna either (74-46) with 18 points from Ana Tainta.The three teams take advantage against the two teams from Mataró.Advisoria Boet added the second consecutive defeat, this time against a Segle XXI team full of talent.



– ISE Costa de Almería – Tirso Incentro (59-47) | MVP: I. Garrido – 18 val
– M. Antón Cortegada – Gardenstore B. Sevilla (56-45) | MVP: S Corredoira – 18 val
– CB Arxil – Hierros Díaz Miralvalle (49-64) | MVP: N. List – 24 val
– Magectías CVG – Unicaja Mijas (50-75) | MVP: C. Vieitas – 19 val
– HGB Brave Barakaldo – BF León (68-77) | MVP: C. Chaplain – 28 val
– Bosonit Unibasket – Maristas Coruña (59-68) | MVP: E. Filgueira – 27 val
Rest: CB Aridane


Basketball Players – Anagan El Olivar (66-43) | MVP: For H. Lang – 31 hours
– Promoviatges Cerdanyola – Unilever Viladecans (66-70) | MVP: R. Allison – 26 val
– Fustecma NBF Castelló – Elite Sport CB Lleida (81-61) | MVP: A. Martín – 28 val
– Homs UE Mataró Maresme – GeiEG (59-50) | MVP: M. Poyato – 15 val
– Azul Marino Viajes Mallorca – Intergraf Grup Barna (74-46) | MVP: A.Tainta – 26 val
– Advisoria Boet Mataró – Century XXI (64-73) | | MVP: I Martin – 22 val
– Basket Almeda – Sertrans F. Sant Adrià (56-53) | MVP: A Grau – 17 val



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