“It’s like eating a piece of plastic”

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Find out which dishes made the cook lose his temper

The best moments of Kitchen Nightmare come when the food is bad.

The production team of A Nightmare in the Kitchen travels with chef Alberto Chicote throughout Spain, visiting restaurants throughout the country and tasting their dishes.

Throughout its 8 seasons they have come across very good and very bad dishes, although the former are much rarer. These four are some of the least liked by the presenter of the program.

During your visit to free buffet “El Cantábrico”, Chicote could not believe the tinkering that the cook used to get out of trouble. When the eggs with onions that were offered on his menu were finished, the cook decided to replace the dish in a very unwise way.

His solution was cook some frozen meatballs and accompany them with a watery vegetable cream. The result did not please the diners, who showed their disappointment: “They are raw, my cat’s food is better”.

failure on set

Secondly, we will talk about one of the most recent programs of the series, in which they visited the Mexican restaurant “Pepe’s Cantina”. This time the dish that failed miserably was a side dish of rice. Chicote tried this accompaniment and was stunned: “It’s like eating a piece of plastic” the chef remarked.

After this nightmare rice it was the turn of the “El Palomo” restaurant, a local from Seville whose specialty was menudo and trotters. The owner, Antonio, told the cameras that They are still preparing the recipe that their mother used to make.

Faced with this statement, Chicote launched a scathing question: “She put as much oil in it as that too?”. The chef ended up ruling that the dish was “good”, but that the amount of oil spoiled the experience.

Finally, we traveled together with Chicote to the restaurant “El Callejon”, a place whose main mistake was the use of burnt oil, too much used or of very poor quality. As a result, the tiptoes that were prepared for Chicote had lost their flavor: I don’t know how the nails are, everything tastes like burnt oil”commented the presenter.


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