Investigation Prisma, Dybala and CR7 are not a civil party against Juventus


 Gli avvocati dell'argentino e del portoghese non erano in aula per l'udienza preliminare che ha deciso il rinvio proprio per il ricorso di piccoli azionisti e associazioni. Assente anche la Figc

Cristiano Ronaldo e Dybala dhe idols of the Juventus fans had become the bogeyman of the club in recent months Juventusunderstood as a company. Their names had ticked in the part of thePrisma investigation relating to the salary maneuver carried out by the Turin prosecutor’s office and it was said that both were ready to present millionaire causes to their old club. Instead, it emerged from the preliminary hearing that neither of the two presented themselves to the trial as a civil party.

Both will most likely be called to testify publicly (the Argentine has already done so in front of the prosecutors) on what happened on the occasion of the famous renunciation of the four months’ salary due to the Covid emergency, but who thought they could join the group of those asking for a compensation (back wages in their case), he was surprised. The absence of their lawyers in the courtroom suggests that they do not intend to resort to criminal justice, unless they do so individually at another time. Also absent
Figc (as will also be at the Sports Guarantee College on April 19th) and the
Revenue Agency.

On the contrary, the decision to postpone everything to May 10 is precisely linked to the appeal presented by
Consoba few dozen small shareholders and some associations, including the
Codacons and the
Siti (Italian union for the protection of investments). In a month and a half the parties will meet before Judge Marco Picco to discuss the issue of civil liability, which will definitively establish who can possibly be compensated.

Also on the same date, territorial jurisdiction will be discussed (Turin, Milan and Rome at stake), which is one of the key nodes of the case. The defense requests that the trial take place in Milan, where the
Bag, or at least in Rome, where the Piazza Affari servers are located, while the prosecution is pushing for them to stay in Turin. It is probable that it will be there to express itself on the matter
Court of Cassation.


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