Individual leper follow-up: Mansilla responded to Heinze and was the figure

Lucas Holes: 6. She held the lead and blocked a difficult header in the first half. Safe and precise with the feet.

Jherson Mosquera: 6. Firm on the brand and with a lot of back and forth on the band.

Willer Company: 5. He returned after the suspension. At times she did not have a good time, she alternated good and bad.

Facundo Mansilla: 8. The figure of the night He made the winning goal with a popcorn and took out everything that happened close to him.

Bruno Pitton: 5. From youngest to greatest in the tournament, he seems to be more adapted to the team.

Ivan Gomez: 6. He contributed his usual deployment and dynamics to get in and fight in the middle. Due to its characteristics, it is important in the pressure that the DT seeks.

John Sforza: 5. He came into play with the ball less than in other games.

Christian Ferreira: 4.5. Something flashing and gone. The team felt it.

Ramiro Sordo: 4.5. He is having a hard time reaching the goal, unlike last year. He is still below the level he was able to show.

Jorge Recalde: 5. He was close to the goal, he was seen to be more adapted and with a different rhythm of play.

Brian Aguirre: 6. From older to less, it started off fiery and unbalancing, but then it stayed. He took a shot off the post and missed another clear shot. He executed the center of the goal.


Pablo Perez: s/c. He has plenty of quality with the ball and shows it every time he comes in, even if he isn’t there for a full game.

Jonathan Menendez: s/c. Little came into play and did not weigh.

Djorkaeff Risk: s/c. He missed an unbeatable chance to kill him, he missed the ball and fell.


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