Indignation with the journalist Óscar Rentería for doubting the rape complaint

Journalist Oscar Renteria is in the eye of the hurricane for questioning the version of a young woman who denounced being a victim of rape by the player of the PSG, Achrafi Hakimi.

The Moroccan defender has been formally charged for the alleged rape of a young woman.

According to local media, The young woman came into contact with the soccer player on January 16 through social networks y then he invited the young woman to his home Boulogne-Billancourt, on the outskirts of Paris.

The woman came aboard an Uber requested by the soccer player, the newspaper Le Parisien specified.

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According to the victim, the soccer player went too far: he kissed her on the lips despite her refusal, he lifted her clothes and kissed her breasts and even inserted his fingers into her vagina, and this even though she resisted.

The girl managed to get rid of her attacker with a kick and sent a message to a friendwho came looking for her.

Óscar Rentería does not believe in the complaint

It was in the program ‘El pulso del fútbol’, on Caracol Radio, that he said in one of the broadcasts that “a single woman should not go to a footballer’s apartment”.

This caused a listener, Indira Mesa, to write claiming that “Rentería was disrespectful and macho, I’m not saying that the player is to blame, but the presence of a woman in a soccer player’s apartment has nothing to do with a rape”.

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Faced with the claim, contrary to retraction, the journalist reaffirmed his position: “I still think that if that girl went to the player’s apartment by herself, she knew what could happen. And why does she come to claim later”.

I don’t believe her film, maybe it’s true and I have to apologize, but I don’t believe it. That is my thought and I deeply respect anyone who thinks otherwise, but I do not share it.”, he pointed out.


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