Independiente lost another trial in FIFA and must pay Gaibor a million-dollar figure

The Ecuadorian, who arrived in Avellaneda for more than four million dollars, claims a greater amount than what is owed to him. The leaders are already thinking about going to the TAS.

The blows of the second term of Hugo Moyano as president of Independiente are still reverberating in Independiente. FIFA ultimately ruled in favor of Fernando Gaibor, a player who had been incorporated in 2018 and who in 2020 was considered free of action, for a claim amounting to 2,394,000 dollars plus 5 percent annual interest. In any case, the current leadership commanded by Fabián Doman already seeks to negotiate and, in addition, you can still appeal this sentence that is not of last resort.

Undoubtedly, this is another economic setback for a Red that was more red than ever before the bulky debts that remained from the previous management, which expired in October of last year. The Board of Directors that manages the institution today already knew that this could happen and that is why it is in talks with the Ecuadorian soccer player’s lawyers to try to reach an agreement.

Likewise, Independiente can still appeal to the TAS, the court of last resort. As Clarín learned, the Devil’s body of lawyers received confirmation of this ruling against but awaits the grounds to define the steps to follow. In any case, everything indicates that it will be appealed, unless a full agreement is reached with Gaibor for the payment of this debt.

Gaibor played 39 games for Red and scored 4 goals. Photo: Clarin

Why is the claim number so high? It is that the midfielder who today works in Barcelona de Guayaquil raised his claim to FIFA requesting payment of his entire contract. When he was considered free due to non-payment, the midfielder had two years left to go. This same route was taken in those days (during the quarantine due to the pandemic) by Martín Campaña, Gastón Silva and Gonzalo Verón. The goalkeeper is being paid an installment plan, the defender has already been canceled and the forward is carrying out a trial for 6 million dollars.

The current leadership first paid the debt for which Gaibor left with the pass in his possession. And now he is trying to maneuver this adverse scenario to alleviate a very large number, which is added to the tremendous debt with América de México for the unpaid pass of Cecilio Domínguez that exceeds 5 million dollars, a debt for which Independiente is today inhibited.

The Ecuadorian, who never finished performing at Independiente, arrived in 2018 at the hands of Ariel Holan in exchange for 4.2 million dollars. In total with the red shirt he played 39 games and scored 4 goals. In the meantime he had been loaned to Al Wasl of the United Arab Emirates. Once released from Independiente, he continued his career in his country: Guayaquil City, Independiente del Valle and now Barcelona.



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