in Bordeaux, motorists begin to take precautions and fill up with fuel

In the middle of the morning, there was (yet?) no sign of panic or long queues at the pumps, even if some motorists are beginning to take precautions. “I have a funeral tomorrow in Burgundy. It is absolutely necessary that I can fill it up. I had my mother on the phone this morning, in Fumel (47) there were no more. She doesn’t know if she can come. Even if we support the movement, there are times when it really comes down badly…”, grimaced Corinne at the Auchan Bouliac service station, on the right bank of Bordeaux.

“We will telecommute”

“In case” the social movement would grow in the next few days, Jean-Marie came “to supplement” gasoline. This retiree from Floirac, who only uses his car “for commissions” and can drive “two months with a full tank”, is not particularly worried. No more than Joaquim, a craftsman who travels 50 to 100 kilometers on average every day but fears “no more” possible shortages. “If we can no longer put gas, we will telecommute”, commented Nathalie in the queue. “When there’s no more gas, I won’t drive anymore. If we talked about it less in the media, there would be no shortages”, commented Christophe at the pump of the Total service station on the quai de la Souys. Apart from Diesel Plus, all fuels were available and no unusual influx had been observed by the staff at the start of the morning.



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