“I’m not leaving him alone in the worst moment of his life”-

Of Salvatore Riggio

Joana Sanz goes to jail by her husband, accused by a girl of rape. The woman, they write in Spain, “is broken and emotionally affected, but she no longer intends to divorce”. Thus Dani Alves, married to a Spanish woman, can obtain provisional release

She extends a hand to her husband Joana Sanzthe top model originally from the Canary Islands, wife of Dani Alves, detained since January 20 in the Brians-2 prison for an alleged sexual assault committed on December 30 in the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona. The woman recently went to visit her husband in prison, together with a friend, Bruno. Joana, according to Spanish media, would have blocked the divorce proceedings: a compromise that would allow Dani Alves to maintain some legal advantages in the serious legal case that concerns him.

“I will not leave him alone in the worst moment of his life,” said the supermodel. Her visit would have lasted 40 minutes and Dani Alves would have burst into tears: «They talked about money and Joana explained what she intends to do at the end of her relationship. Joana is broken and emotionally affected. She made a gesture of generosity by announcing to her husband and to her public opinion that she does not intend to divorce. It means that Dani Alves, being married to a Spanish woman, can still obtain bail. A huge gesture from Joana », reported the Spanish media.

Already in recent days, the former Barcelona, ​​Juventus and PSG full-back had written a letter to his wife: “In these difficult moments, I am sorry for your decision and I can’t wait for life to give us another opportunity – your words — I will continue to fight as I always have with the unconditional support of my children, my parents and those by my side to show my innocence to the whole world. The outsider had provided three conflicting versions in an attempt to reconstruct what happened on the night between 30 and 31 December in the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona. According to the victim, the player would have forced her to enter a bathroom located in a private room of the club. Dani Alves had confirmed that he had been there, but only for a short time and had denied the attack. He then told him in a first version that he didn’t know the girl, then that he had seen her but that nothing would have happened, finally that she would have jumped on him.

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