“If we think about the classification, we will be wrong”

Xavier Garcia Peppertechnician of the OUT Las Palmas, appeared before the media in the press room, before facing the match against Málaga CF. He highlighted in his speech that the equipment “arrives in good condition, despite the Sandro and Marc Cardona dropped. The rest in principle are all fine and if nothing strange happens, Kirian will also be in the call.

Regarding the blue and white team, he said that “it was one of the clear candidates to fight for a greater objective at the beginning of the season, but this is what football has, you start to string defeats and you don’t really know why, In no case does it make it an easy game, on the contrary. Their situation is complicated and that makes them even more dangerous.” «They have experienced players who are going to come here to leave everything to them. If we think about the classification we are going to be wrong », he reiterated.

In the ranks of Málaga he arrives at Gran Canaria he arrives ruben castroof which the coach indicated that “we are not going to find out, he is performing at the highest level and Málaga has plenty of arguments not to focus on a single player.”

He was clear in stating that the Canarian team should not look beyond the match against Sergio Pellicer’s men. “We have to think about the Málaga game, whatever happens, nothing will be decided and then we will think about Tenerife and so on. It has been very good for us to think about the immediacy and in the short term, because it is what we have been able to control. You never know what will happen, let’s focus on ourselves », he concluded.


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