‘If Messi refuses to reunite, Barcelona will be more hurt’


Lionel Messi kept rumored to be returning to Barcelona. If La Pulga refuses the reunion, Los Cules will be even more hurt.

Messi has three months left on his Paris Saint-Germain contract. Therefore, there are rumors he will return to the Catalan team.

PSG are still trying to repatriate Messi. Negotiations are reported to have been made by Joan Laporta with Messi’s father, Jorge.

Barcelona’s financial condition can still be an obstacle for Barca to repatriate Messi. The 35-year-old player is a footballer with a high salary. Barcelona is still stupefied so they have to adjust player salaries.

Sports journalist from Spain, Lluis Mascaro, emphasized that Barca’s hope to repatriate Messi can result in disappointment.

“Fostering a hypothetical dream of Messi’s return to Camp Nou is dangerous,” Mascaro said on PSGTalk.

“Because, if his departure has been traumatic, the refusal to reunite can be even more painful. Laporta does not want to be a part of history as the president who sacked Messi. And, he fantasizes about his return to heal wounds knowing that it is almost impossible,” he added.

Besides Barça, Messi also reportedly interested by the club from Saudi Arabia, Al Hilal. The arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo to Al Nassr was the trigger for Al Hilal to want to bring in Messi.



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