Ibrahimovic claimed at PSG, he dreams of an incredible project

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Ibrahimovic claimed at PSG, he dreams of an incredible project

Published on March 23, 2023 at 04:30

PSG eliminated once again from the Champions League, there is talk of a revolution, a reconstruction of the capital club during the summer break. So what will happen in Paris? It is a question in particular of the arrival of a new coach in place of Christophe Galtier. Daniel Riolo has an idea for this, even mentioning a huge project involving a certain Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Last summer the PSG decided to start a new project with louis fields et Christophe Galtier. A losing choice since the capital club was eliminated in the knockout stages of the Champions League. This failure could then not be without consequences since the PSG could change everything again. On the bench, after a year, Galtier could be dismissed and replaced. But by whom? The name of Zinedine Zidane keeps coming back, but other options exist. At the time of L’After Footon RMC, Daniel Riolo breathed the name of a certain Thiago Mottacurrent coach of bolognaeven proposing an idea to the PSG for a project around Italian.

“He is someone who will become a good coach”

« The coach for PSG? There are two profiles: if you do the housework or if you don’t do the housework. The ideal candidate, a priori, is Zidane. He embodies the game, the authority. Management is the Ancelotti school. And afterwards, in Italy, there is a former club player who is rising very strongly, it’s Thiago Motta. He has the favors in addition to the management. He is still very close to the leaders and to Nasser. I think he’s someone who will become a good coach, but in the Parisian context… That’s the problem at PSG. Why are you coming? Under what conditions? “, first explained Daniel Riolo.

“Ibra, he’s going to see Neymar, he’s going to stick two pies on him”

And concerning the rest of the project of the PSG around Thiago Mottahe would not say no to see Zlatan Ibrahimovic or even Maxwell. « You take him, you’re going to tell Ibra to stop his career, to come and play the role as he did at the time. You take Maxwell who picked up a lot of players via Raiola. You do with those of the good period of PSG. Ibra, he’s going to see Neymar, he’s going to stick two pies on him “, added Riolo.


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