“I had to be honest with myself, I can’t be the star of a champion team”

Winning an NBA title is a relatively complicated task, to the point that some players decide to team up with other stars to accomplish this goal. This is the case of Paul George, aware that he could not be the number 1 of a franchise. Not everyone is capable of coming to such a conclusion.

While the Western Conference is once again relatively relieved, the Clippers hope to finally win their first title. Paul George and Kawhi Leonard are present, while the addition of Russell Westbrook is supposed to boost the team’s chances. But with a 0-3 record since his arrival, we cannot say that is the case.

Paul George’s incredible confession to the Clippers

It is PG13 who could pay the price. Behind the scenes, he is the one who pushed the Clippers to sign the point guard. Very good friends with Brodie, George especially wanted another star in the Los Angeles squad, in the hope of winning the title next June. It must be said that by his own admission, the former member of the Pacers realized that he could not be number 1.

At the start, I wanted to be the guy the team relies on, with all the possessions going through me. But after all that, the injuries, the league, I said to myself: I can’t do this alone. So I wanted to help a team, but I didn’t know where I was going to land. I ended up at OKC with another superstar, and I wasn’t THE guy anymore. I wanted to learn how to be of service to others while remaining myself.

It was important to be honest with myself. To win in this league, I couldn’t be number 1 anymore. I could somehow, I’m able to finish top scorer in the game. But I don’t think I have to play like that if I want to win a championship. It’s not my place if I want to win. I learned to play off the ball, to be number 2. I had my best year with Russ.

Nice questioning on the part of Paul George, who agreed to step back, serving the team, with the sole aim of winning a title. It remains to be seen whether the player’s bet will work, especially since the Clippers have been in a difficult situation since the arrival of Russell Westbrook

As good as he was, Paul George realized he needed help to fight in order to win the title. This explains his association with Russell Westbrook and Kawhi Leonard at the Clippers. Nevertheless, and given the competition, the ring is still far away for the former Pacer. It is even far from assured.



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