“I don’t move an inch from the idea that I transfer to the players”

Ethe national coach, Louis de la Fuente, valued in the microphones of Teledeporte and later in a press conference the painful defeat suffered by Spain on the second day of the qualifying phase for Euro 2024 against Scotland.

Euro 2024 classification: Summary and goals of Scotland 2-0 Spain

Analysis: “Painful defeat. Analyzing the game in these first minutes one thinks that we have done things well, enough to have had another result and get us into the game. I keep those positive things, we have to improve a lot and I am delighted with the attitude of the players. We’ve tried everything we’ve tried but it hasn’t worked out”.

the two goals: “You have to appreciate that at a high level any error penalizes you. There have been two accidents in the game, there is no but or one reproach to the players and this should serve as learning. The first half has shown to a great extent everything we have worked up”.

Controversy: “I haven’t been able to see Joselu’s grip in the area. It’s worth little now. I’ll keep the job and the feeling of what we have prepared is clear.”

Confidence in the campus: “Unfortunately there is still a long way to go to get together again, we have sown seeds and I am sure that the future will ensure better experiences.”

Same block for the Final Four of the Nations?: “You can always change things between now and June. I don’t move an inch from the idea that I transfer to the players. You have to improve it and work more, of course, adding more details, but I have seen them identified with the idea. For Of course I bet on the players on this list, the same as others who have not been able to come. I bet on them a thousand times”.

Classification: “Nothing changes for the six games that remain. The roadmap doesn’t change: work and win all the games.”

Scotland, leader: “There’s a lot left, it’s premature. They have a powerful team. We must win all six games, because it’s our goal, our responsibility, not for being first.”

The idea: “Amplitude, crosses, shots… We lacked the success to give more meaning to the work of the week. I have told the players that this is the path. We are going to grow, for sure”.

Eight changes: “There are things to correct. We always think that things will turn out well. I don’t think the result is due to changes. I am convinced of it. We have players of a very even level”.

Right side: “There have been two accidents. At this level, any detail will make you lose a game. The field puts you in your place. I trust them blindly. I am delighted with Dani and Pedro, and with people of the future”.


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