“I don’t feel in a position to ask the fans for anything”

Ian Mackay from A Coruña, in Riazor. | // CARLOS PARDELLAS
E. Cobas

In bad times there is a tendency to ask for an extra effort from the stands, from the environment, but the Coruña and captain of Deportivo, Ian Mackay, He is not capable of requesting anything from sportsmanship, he only comes out to thank and try even harder. “I don’t feel in a position to ask the fans for anything,” she advances and justifies herself. “They even become members of Unionistas to have tickets to see us, our stadiums fill up, many people travel to León… I can’t ask you for anything, just thank you, because you don’t leave us alone. We want to give them joy because they deserve it and I’m not saying it because of a rally. If we don’t win, it’s normal for them to get angry. The last ten league games remain, where the chestnuts are played, and we want to move forward, “he says.

The next target is Celta B, but there are still scars, what happened in still stings León. And it’s not just a game, it’s a poor trajectory at home. “You don’t have to be meticulous either, you just have to look at the numbers. We’re having a hard time scoring a goal (away from home). It’s not just a thing for the strikers, it’s for everyone. If you don’t score, it’s impossible to win. We always have good stretches of twenty or thirty minutes and we have to try to make it ninety, carry all the weight, as we do in Riazor, that all this is transmitted abroad”, he analyzes. All to avoid the bad body that they had left after last weekend. “We are not happy because a defeat does not feel good to anyone, especially when you fight for the highest. It’s very annoying. Away from home it is very difficult for us. We don’t even have good numbers in victories. You have to improve a lot. The head is already set on the Celta B and to get the three points. That with the stick the other day and people encourage us is an encouragement, “he argues.

The fans support, but they also demand and the great designated has been Oscar Cano. mackay He speaks like a captain. “We know where we are and that it is a demanding club. He knows it and so do we. We must be united. When we are so many fans it is impossible for opinion to be unanimous. We are going to try to make everything go well, go out for them (the Celta B). It is normal for people to be angry, but on Wednesday they are already lining up to see us. The dressing room is with the coach. I don’t like to endorse someone or not, you just have to talk on the pitch,” she points out.

On the horizon the Vigo affiliate is already appearing. “It’s a very important game, but not because it’s the Celta B, It’s because it’s next. If we want to fight at the top, we have to get the points. For the fans it is a game that we have to win, nothing else comes to mind. That people leave happy because we haven’t won against him for fifteen days Castilla“, endorses and analyzes the physical state and the moment of the rival. “They arrive at a good moment and has the loss of Michael (Rodriguez). I don’t know if they are Iker (Losada) or Lautaro. They have good numbers and we also at home. You have to get all three points. We want the victory to stay in Riazor“, ends.


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