“I am very inspired by what he does”

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The jewel of Brazil whose idol is Luis Suárez: “I am very inspired by what he does”

“Both he and I use a lot of physicality in our way of playing and we have common points in finishing,” said Vítor Roque.

01.03.2023 14:12

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Vítor Roque, scorer of the South American sub-20 with Brazil and figure of the Athletico Paranaense first team, was interviewed by the Diario Sport of Spain and assured that he has “a great resemblance” to Luis Suárez, of whom he “would be very excited” to have his shirt.

“I think there is a great resemblance. Both he and I use our physique a lot in our way of playing and we also have points in common in finishing, in being very attentive to scoring goals”, he said, adding: “Also the competitive part, in that spirit that exists in South America . It is a way of being very competitive, which makes us different from other footballers”.

“Now Suárez plays here at Gremio and I hope that when we play we can exchange shirts. I would be very excited to have yours. I take a lot of inspiration from what he does and I hope that in case I go to Barcelona, ​​he can have the same success that he had”, commented the 18-year-old striker.

“I’ve always played in FIFA with Suárez, I saw him on television and now the opportunity to play against him may arise,” he said, and closed by telling him when he saw him: “That he explain to me what the secret is to stay at the top for so long highest level with the same voracity to score and win”.

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