How the women of SU Annen catapult themselves to the top

When they return to the Bundesliga, the women of SU Annen set an example with a 12:2. How the newcomers prove themselves at the start.

That’s what you call a dream start: When they returned to the big Bundesliga stage, the judo women of the SU Other no trouble at all with Post SV Düsseldorf, clearly won 12:2.

The team of coach Hannah Schorlemmer is right at the top of the north-west relay together with 1. JC Mönchengladbach (12:2 at JT Rheinland). “It went great today, the mood in the team was great,” said the SUA trainer happily. Who only had to deal with one luxury problem on Saturday: A total of 19 fighters weighed the scales for the SUA – it was sometimes really difficult to choose who Schorlemmer should call up for the starting lineup.

SU Annen is already 7-0 up at the break

Apparently she chose exactly the right seven fighters for round one, because all duels went quite smoothly to the hosts. Cara Sachse (-52 kg) started with a 46-second triumph, which only the Dutchwoman Carmen Dijkstra (+78 kg) was able to trump in terms of speed, who was the winner after just 29 seconds. Sarah Hildebrand (-57 kg), Emily Gränitz (-63 kg), Mareike Reddig (-70 kg), debutant Mathilda Niemeyer (-78 kg) and Leticia Jung (-48 kg) posted further points. “Düsseldorf couldn’t really pose a threat to us today,” said Schorlemmer – knowing full well that bigger calibers are soon waiting for the SUA.

In view of the comfortable 7:0 cushion, Annen’s trainer was able to change happily, bringing four new players for the second round with the two ex-Osnabrück players Miriam Garmatter (-57 kg), Kim Bonnes (-63 kg), Michelle Bazynski (-70 kg) and the only 15-year-old SUA newcomer Klara Erten (-48 kg). Only Kim Bonnes and Mareike Redding lost their duels, the 12:2 final result was a good expression of the balance of power in front of the 350 spectators.

Second fight of the season on April 15 at home against JC Bottrop

“Of course we won’t always be able to field such a strong team. But I hope that Sarah Mäkelburg will be there again soon,” said Schorlemmer in the direction of the national squad athlete, who recently suffered from a shoulder injury, and who may already have made her comeback in Witten for the home fight against Revier rival JC 66 Bottrop on April 15th Dress could celebrate.

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