How long until the Scudetto of Napoli?

After the results of the last day of Serie A, Napoli will spend the championship break for the national team matches in first place in the standings with 19 points ahead of the second, Lazio. The advantage is so large and the superiority shown by Napoli so far so evident that for weeks now people have been wondering when this Scudetto can be awarded, and what the decisive match will be.

At the beginning of April, when the championship resumes, there will be 11 games left until the end of the season and Napoli’s current lead is equivalent to 6 wins and 1 draw. Serie A rules state that in the event of a tie finish, the Scudetto will be awarded through a play-off. It will therefore be enough for Napoli to keep these distances until the 32nd day, scheduled for the weekend of 29-30 April, to mathematically win the Scudetto, given that in the remaining six matches the opponents could recover only 18 of the 19 points required. On that day Napoli will play at home in the Campania “derby” against Salernitana.

It must be said, however, that 11 days are still a lot and Napoli’s advantage in the standings could both increase and decrease. The main opponents so far have been Inter and Milan, who continue to lose points, while Napoli not only don’t lose, but also rarely draw (so far there are 2 defeats and 2 draws in 27 days). However, he still has to play many direct matches: against Milan at the resumption of the championship, and then with Juventus away on April 23 and with Inter on the third to last matchday (although at that point he could already be champion of Italy).

In addition to the championship, Napoli is also in full swing in the Champions League, where they will have to play against Milan in the quarter-finals between the two legs. Both matches will be played in April, on the 12th and 18th, and the commitment could slow down a trend that has been almost perfect up to now.

We must also consider the possibility that in the next few weeks Juventus will be deprived of the 15 penalty points established last January for the case of false capital gains. In this case, Juventus could advance to second place: if it happened now, they would be 15 points behind Napoli.

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