Holger Rune: “Right now I am at 60% of my potential”

After a bitter encounter with Stan Wawrinka in the third round at Indian Wells, Holger Rune You are now prepared to seek greater success in the Miami Open, an event where he will debut for the first time in his career. Despite already having him among the ten best in the world, the Dane still has many new experiences to discover on the circuit, a journey that will lead him to improve and discover his greatest potential. For now, his feeling is that things are going in the right direction, but without forgetting that this party has only just begun. These were his words in the Media Day of the tournament collected by ATP.

welcome to Miami

“Above all I like the energy that is transmitted in this place, it is something fantastic. You go through the city and you always find atmosphere, music everywhere and restaurants completely packed. It is a city that has a lot of color, every time I have come I have found these good vibrations, although I never played the Orange Bowl in my junior stage. Yes, I came on occasion to do preseason, until last year I finally came to play the tournament for the first time, although unfortunately I could only play for 20 minutes due to injury”.

Seeded in his first participation

“It’s a bit of a strange feeling, although it’s true that I can already say that I played most of the big tournaments on the professional calendar. The Miami Open is, without a doubt, one of the biggest events that exist, one of those that I would love to win in the future, it is also held in a city that I love, so I can’t wait to start playing my first match”.

conditions dance

“Indian Wells is a really magical place, I always have fun being there, although the conditions are a little different, which is normal if we take into account that it is played in the middle of the desert. Personally, I love those conditions, also because of the way the fans pour in there, with all this ending up generating a spectacular atmosphere”.

Controversial duel against Wawrinka

“For my part, honestly, I don’t take too many things from that game. I know I didn’t play well at all, but give Stan all the credit for beating me. I have to understand that there will be days when I have to play this type of encounter, so I have to learn to manage them better so that it doesn’t happen again, also to turn the page as soon as possible and focus now on the next objective, which in This case is the Miami Open. The training sessions here are going very well, so I see myself ready to go out on the track to have fun”.

in continuous progression

“I see that I am growing in all aspects, I am still 19 years old and I know that I still have a lot to learn, fortunately. Tennis career is a really long journey where you have to improve small details every day, so I hope this perspective will help me a lot in the future. If you ask me now, I think I’m at 60% of my potential, the fact that I’m 19 leads me to think that I still have a lot to learn, I’m far from being a veteran. This can sometimes be somewhat frustrating, but I keep the positive things, like that at this age I am already number 8 in the world and I continue to evolve gradually”.


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