Holger Rune directs harsh words at the “unintelligent” who interrupt him

Holger Rune urges his attackers to think twice before posting something online that “tells the whole world that they’re not smart.” On Monday, Rune suffered a tight three-set loss to Stan Wawrinka in the third round at Indian Wells.

A few months ago, Wawrinka told Rune “to stop acting like a baby” after their match at the Paris Masters. After losing to Wawrinka in Indian Wells, Rune asked the Swiss online: “Don’t you have anything to say now?”

Rune’s comment did not sit well with some tennis fans, who began booing the 19-year-old Dane.

Rune sends a message to those who boo him

“Before writing hateful or s—– comments on my account or any other, you should be aware of how most read your comment and consider you unintelligent.

Harsh judgments are made to make people feel better about themselves, but everyone (if they have average or above average intelligence) can see that they are suffering and that something has brought them down (jealousy), so they criticize others. others in the hope of regaining their self-esteem.

Needless to say no luck,” Rune said in a message posted on his Instagram Story. Responding to Rune’s message, a tennis fan described the Dane as “sensitive.” “Sensitive athletes. Most of us are not jealous or hateful and just have an opinion.

Good or bad,” one fan tweeted. Rune responded to the fan while noting that he has nothing against critics, but does have a problem with booers. “Comments are welcome.

I’m not afraid of critics. I’m talking about writing useless !”#$, sending clown faces or writing that I’m an idiot and that people expect me to lose everything and never win a Grand Slam. Those comments and those people are unintelligent,” Rune said.

Meanwhile, Rune will now focus on the Miami Masters, which starts next week. Holger Rune has had a couple of controversial moments with the three-time Grand Slam champion, Stan Wawrinka, a rivalry in which Nick Kyrgios has already taken sides, who showed his support for the young Dane, through social networks.



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