Here’s what she has in store for him! (Video)


What does this kitty have in mind to do behind the front door?

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In a video shared on February 20, 2023 on TikTok, Stratos showed how his ginger cat greets him when he comes home.

Knowing the discretion of the cats, this behavior is nothing short of atypical!

A true demonstration of love

Let’s face it: this welcome is the envy of all cat lovers!

The pictures show the porta entrance and the furbaby excitedly waiting for it to open.

Once Stratos, his owner, has entered the house, the cat takes a look behind him to make sure that no one else enters.

Then he goes back to his dad and he climbs up on his leg and climbs up to his chest to then fill it with kisses!


This moment of affection it’s so tender that it’s hard not to melt in front of these images.

And Internet users had a lot of fun commenting on the video:

« This is the representation of the purest and most sincere love. Cats are everything.”

“Too beautiful! Total confidence!” someone else says ecstatically.

And others joked: “I have to show your video to my cats!”

In fact, not all of us are lucky enough to have this type of hospitality when we get home…

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