Heitinga hopes that Brobbey proves himself: ‘He has to make sure he wins the battle’

| by Jesse Ter Haar

John Heitinga is in early his period as trainer of Ajax 1 discussed his position with Dusan Tadić. He said he mainly sees him as a striker, a place that Brian Brobbey can also use. Lately he has been less active on behalf of Ajax and Heitinga hopes that he will compete.

In conversation with AjaxTV the coach first talks about the upward line in the form of Tadić. Heitinga explains how he started working with the captain. “I have indicated what I think the position is for him in the team. You start the conversation and I indicated: I saw you play in the Champions League in the striker position, I was quite impressed by that. Go play a few games in a row and get back in shape. That way you are constantly busy.’

At the same time, Tadić’s role means less good news for Brobbey. He ends up on the bench more often and has to make do with chances during raids. “Once Brian comes in, it should be a win-win situation,” says Heitinga. “With the weapons he has, he should always be able to make a difference. In the end, he has to make sure he wins the battle against his competitor. That’s the beauty of top sport, because normally you’ve occupied every position twice and only one can play.’

Heitinga and Kudus

Another attacker who excels under the leadership of Heitinga is Mohammed Kudus. Heitinga knows that the Ghanaian’s footballing qualities no longer need any explanation. ‘We all see that Mohammed can play football. Trust is the most important thing, that goes for everyone. As soon as there is clarity, Mohammed can make the difference with and without the ball, but especially with the ball. It’s a boy who entertains the audience.’

As a football player from Kudus, he is regularly on the field, but less is known about his person. Heitinga tells how he sees him every day at the club. ‘He is a boy who wants to get the most out of his career. He is a proud boy who likes to let his feet speak. He’s not a big talker, but when Mo starts laughing, you know it’s all right.’

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